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Ensuite Bathroom Renovations

The private sanctuary in your busy household’s master bedroom. Your own personal haven away from the frantic pace of life.


The ensuite is almost an essential feature of the home today. With the frantic nature of life, work and responsibilities, people have simply said no to the whole family sharing the single bathroom with an almost revolving door.

Enter the ensuite. The private sanctuary in your busy household’s master bedroom. Mere feet from the bedside you can step into your own personal space without having to trapse through the house wondering if it will be a minute or an hour before you’ll get to use the main bathroom.


The popularity of the ensuite has made is such that there is a huge range of stylish and functional options available for every budget. There is also a wide range of options for every size and shape of property so no matter what size your master is, there’s likely an option that’s just right for you.

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